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ANP - The Company

AusFarm Nutrition Products was established in 2006 in recognition that supply of feed supplements and nutritional services to farmers was limited. The MISSION of the company is to supply high quality feed supplement and up to date technical advice to the livestock industry.

The owner of ANP, Paul Meggison has over 40 years experience in animal nutrition, marketing, finance and management gained across the globe including prolonged periods in the UK, China and Thailand as well as more than 20 years here in Australia. Paul Meggison also runs his own farm raising cattle on pasture.

Technical Strengths

                                         ~  “Local Company – Global Resources” ~

This is our motto that keeps us ahead of our competitors and keep you ahead of the field.

Paul Meggison has a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Since graduating in 1979 he has worked with BP Nutrition (Trouw), Roche (DSM) Vitamins and Fine Chemicals (Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China) and Provimi (Lienert) in Australia. He is also a Qualified Nutritionist, a member of AARN (Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition) and a member of the Stock Feed Association of NSW.

The company also utilises the knowledge and experience of Consultant Nutritionist, Jim Wade, who specialises in Dairy and general ruminant nutrition.

Product Quality and Assurance

Experience in the stock feed industry tells us that successful companies focus on quality control and assurance (QC & A). This quality also manifests itself in the quality of livestock and the image of our farmer customers. ANP’s QC & A spans well beyond our comprehensive manufacturing procedures to selective raw material sourcing, using the right equipment, preventative maintenance, packaging, labelling and delivery.

ANP has worked tirelessly to formalise these efforts by attaining (2016) and maintaining the standards demanded by the Feedsafe® accreditation. FeedSafe® is a state and federal government endorsed code of practice that defines the minimum standards for the manufacture and sale of feeds and supplementary products in the livestock industry. Simply put; the FeedSafe® accreditation helps us ensure that the feed supplements that you feed are safe, reliable and of good quality.