Frequently Asked Questions

AusFarm Nutrition Products formulates and produces feed supplements for ruminants to maximise production in livestock farming systems. ANP use high quality raw materials that comply with the Feed Safe standards of the Stockfeed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia. ANP produce a large range for nutritional products that cover a variety of nutrient deficiencies in feed and metabolic diseases. ANP offers effective and economical solutions to nutritional deficiencies in ruminant diets for a range of situations. See products section for product uses and feeding instructions.

ANP products are highly competitive within the animal nutrition industry for not only quality but also price. Product prices are calculated on a per head per day basis and range from approximately 2 cents per head per day to 25 cents per head per day depending on the product type and use.

ANP products are designed to be used all year round for different nutritional deficiencies throughout the year. ANP products are also designed to control and prevent a large range of metabolic diseases which are prevalent throughout different seasons. See seasonal products.

ANP provide both liquid and granular products. Both products can be added to a mixed ration and fed in troughs. This is useful for feedlot diets and mixed ration diets. Both products can also be fed free-access in tubs or troughs where animals regulate intake themselves as required.

ANP products can be purchased from most local farm retail outlets in New South Wales and Northern Victoria. (For major ANP distributors see Contacts). To locate a distributor in your region please call Rob Meggison 0410655387.

All ANP customers may receive complementary nutritional advice, diet formulation and on farm delivery and distribution (within 100km of Wagga Wagga). Other benefits include feedlot design and maintenance, metabolic disease investigation, feed tests and diet analysis, research and development, and training in animal feeding practices.

ANP is an associate member of the Stockfeed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia (SFMCA) and is working to become a full member shortly. The SFMCA have high feed safe standards for members. The ANP production team is trained appropriately with safe manufacturing practices. A simplified and highly regulated production process has been created and maintained to ensure a high quality and safe product reaches our customers.