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Coccidiosis Alert

Posted by JonMeggison / 17/11/2022
Rainfall again persisting into the seasonally dry period for producers in southern NSW has given rise to concern about coccidiosis outbreaks in lambs at pasture and for those bound for feedlots. ANP has already received several reports of serious...

Detoxifying Summer Weeds for Grazing Operations

Posted by JonMeggison / 17/11/2022
IMPORTANCE OF SUMMER GRAZING MANAGEMENT As the temperatures begin to rise leading into summer, most pastures will begin to mature, leading to a decline in digestibility, energy, protein and many vitamins and minerals. The low value of this feed...

Control Lameness Before Joining for Better Lambing Results

Posted by JonMeggison / 31/10/2022
BOGGY CONDITIONS LEAD TO LAMENESS With joining just around the corner, many producers are working to get their ewes and rams in the best condition to optimise conception rates and lay the foundation for another successful lambing period next winter...

Finishing Lambs in an Extremely Wet Spring

Posted by JonMeggison / 18/10/2022
NEW SEASON LAMB RUNNING BEHIND PREVIOUS YEARS Recent reports from MLA and Auctions Plus have indicated that the current crop of new season lambs is running well behind previous years, with throughput in early spring back significantly on the same...

Bloat Alert - Riverina

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
Please click the link below. Bloat Alert - Riverina.pdf

Bloat Alert - Northern VIC

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
We are receiving increasing reports of cattle blowing up on fresh clover in Northern Victoria. While clover is a great feed for cattle throughout Spring, it also comes with the risk of causing bloat. At this time of year it is important to assess...

Bloat Alert - Monaro & South Coast

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
Please click the link below Bloat Alert - Monaro & South Coast.pdf

Bloat Alert - Central West NSW

Posted by JonMeggison / 02/09/2022
Please find the Bloat Alert PDF attached. Bloat Alert.pdf

Pasture Selection is Key for Finishing Lambs in Spring

Posted by JonMeggison / 23/08/2022
Despite the recent supply driven price plunge, the race is on to get new season lambs to market in time to take advantage of the seasonal uptick in demand for well finished young lambs over the next few months. As supply of older, late-finished...

Bloat Management to Minimise Risk this Season

Posted by JonMeggison / 22/08/2022
It is common for cattle producers in many parts of NSW and northern Victoria to experience bloat from autumn through to spring, especially if they graze pastures high in clover and lucerne (as well as grazing brassicas). What differs is how bloat is...