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Bloat Alert - Riverina

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
Please find the Bloat Alert - Riverina PDF attached. Bloat Alert - Riverina.pdf

Bloat Alert - Northern VIC

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
We are receiving increasing reports of cattle blowing up on fresh clover in Northern Victoria. While clover is a great feed for cattle throughout Spring, it also comes with the risk of causing bloat. At this time of year it is important to assess...

Bloat Alert - Monaro & South Coast

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/09/2022
Please find the Bloat Alert - Monaro & South Coast PDF attached. Bloat Alert - Monaro & South Coast.pdf

Bloat Alert - Central West NSW

Posted by JonMeggison / 02/09/2022
Please find the Bloat Alert PDF attached. Bloat Alert.pdf

Pasture Selection is Key for Finishing Lambs in Spring

Posted by JonMeggison / 23/08/2022
Despite the recent supply driven price plunge, the race is on to get new season lambs to market in time to take advantage of the seasonal uptick in demand for well finished young lambs over the next few months. As supply of older, late-finished...

Bloat Management to Minimise Risk this Season

Posted by JonMeggison / 22/08/2022
It is common for cattle producers in many parts of NSW and northern Victoria to experience bloat from autumn through to spring, especially if they graze pastures high in clover and lucerne (as well as grazing brassicas). What differs is how bloat is...

Understanding and Controlling Grass Tetany

Posted by JonMeggison / 01/08/2022
Winter and spring last year saw one of the most challenging grass tetany seasons on record, with some regions in southern Australia reporting cattle losses in the thousands. With rainfall and temperatures this winter looking very similar to 2021,...

Boost Growth on Crops with StockMins-Crop Grazer Plus

Posted by JonMeggison / 04/05/2022
SUPPLEMENTS BOOST GROWTH ON CROPS Recent studies on livestock grazing dual-purpose cereals highlighted that the inclusion of the right mineral supplement can significantly boost growth rates, lowering cost of production and helping to achieve target...

Improve Lambing Results with StockMins-EweLamLac Lambing Supplement

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/03/2022
Poor survival of newborn lambs is the most significant source of lost productivity in sheep production systems. Scanning results of 110 to 140% can quickly result in marking percentages of 80 to 90%. Most of these losses occur in the first three...

StockMins-EweLamLac HE Trial

Posted by JonMeggison / 07/03/2022
An independent lambing supplement trial was conducted where the performance of single bearing ewes and their lambs, offered a traditional supplement of Causmag, Lime and Salt (CLS) from late-pregnancy to early-lactation, was compared to single...