Coccidiosis Alert

Rainfall again persisting into the seasonally dry period for producers in southern NSW has given rise to concern about coccidiosis outbreaks in lambs at pasture and for those bound for feedlots. ANP has already received several reports of serious events.

With a large proportion of new season lambs yet to be traded and multiple pressures encouraging producers to get them up and off as soon as possible, targeting rapid lamb growth, either at pasture or in confinement should be at the fore. Although severe cocci outbreaks can be catastrophic and lead to high mortality rates, sub-clinical infections are a more likely scenario and have a detrimental impact on live weight gain and animal health.

To get on top of coccidiosis in your flock this season, ANP recommends using StockMins-Lamb Finisher (for lambs at pasture) or one of ANP’s Lamb feedlot supplements StockMins-Lamb Feedlot or StockMins-Lamb Grower (both containing Bovatec®), for intensive/confined feeding to help reduce faecal shedding of coccidia. Additionally, these supplements are fortified with other major minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help boost feed conversion efficiency, immune response and liveweight gain.

If you would like more information to help coccidiosis being a problem on your farm or believe coccidiosis is already impacting your lambs, call AusFarm Nutrition Products 0412048055

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