Freshening Lucerne causing summer bloat concerns

The consistent freshening rains are giving rise to an alarming number of bloat reports including mortalities. Lucerne is one the most valuable pastures available at this time of year for growing stock yet it usually isn’t accompanied by the abundance of fresh growth. It is this fresh growth that is at the root of the recent frothy bloat reports.

Fresh foliage in legumes contain a high concentration of saponins, natural foam producing chemicals, as well as high protein causing rumen fluid to become more thick and viscous. Therefore providing the ideal environment for bubbles to encapsulate rumen gasses and increase the risk of bloat.

Bloat requires management and Ausfarm Nutrition Products offers you an effective and proven management tool through its “StockGro” and “StockMins” bloat control range. These products are but one tool to help combat bloat and the "ANP Bloat Management Guide’ outlines other measures that may be applied and best used in combination.

All products in ANP’s Bloat Control Range are fortified with Teric PE62, a strong and miscible surfactant that actively breaks down stable foam in the rumen. Bovatec is an optional, but recommended, extra that reinforces the immediate bloat relief offered by Teric as well as increasing feed conversion efficiency and boosting animal health.