Growing and Maintaining Cattle on Maturing Pastures

The onset of higher temperatures over the past month have seen pastures enter the dry leaf and stalks stage of growth where the ratio of stalks to leaves has increased (see diagram below). A high proportion of stalks in pasture is consistent with a reduction in digestibility and therefore consumption. As a result, cattle grazing mature pasture cannot physically eat enough of it to sustain protein, energy and essential mineral levels for maintenance, let alone growth and production.

Although this may see dry cows begin to lose condition, it is the productive cattle that will be mostly affected. Cows with calves at foot allocate much of the nutrition consumed into milk production for the calf. Without sufficient protein, energy and mineral supplementation, these animals will experience a significant nutritional deficit resulting in a rapid decline in body condition and most importantly milk production. Although it is common to see cows strip weight with calves at foot, when milk production decreases the growth rate of the calves can be significantly affected.

ANP’s liquid StockGro-HiPro supplement is designed to correct protein, energy and mineral deficiencies and maximise the health and performance of cattle on mature dry feed and stubbles. StockGro-HiPro achieves this by supplying several sources of RDP in the forms of urea and ammonium salts (non-protein nitrogen) and a range of key minerals, trace elements and vitamins delivered on a little and often basis. Furthermore, the growth in rumen micro-flora elevates fibre digestion thus allowing for greater feed conversion efficiency of stubbles and dry feeds.

For an additional boost, Bovatec®, a highly cost effective and safe ‘Ionophore’ feed additive, can be optionally included. Bovatec® promotes the growth of certain beneficial rumen bacteria for improved rumen performance while controlling coccidiosis-causing parasites. Together, these benefits allow for optimal nutrient utilisation, animal production and, for lactating cows, milk yield, while delivering effective animal welfare solutions.