High Performance, HiPro and Dry feed

Summer is here and that means PROTEIN supplementation is back on the menu at AusFarm Nutrition Products. With pastures drying off and cereal crops harvested followed by rain, graziers are usually left with low protein, stubbles and roughages to get stock through the summer. Non-Protein Nitrogen supplementation of these roughages is far more efficient and cost effective than using vegetable proteins.


ANP’s HiPro or high protein products come as dry, water resistant, granular feed supplements (StockMins–HiPro) and as liquid feed supplements (StockGro–HiPro). Both contain 27% protein.
* StockMins - HiPro can be fed to both cattle and sheep and is usually fed out in supplement feeders, cut off 44-gallon drums or chemical drums inside tyres.
* StockGro - HiPro is designed primarily for cattle as they find it more palatable, therefore more effective and is fed free access in 500L tubs.

What do these products assist with?
• Increased protein supply to the animal
• Elevated fibre digestibility
• Maximising the utilisation of consumed energy
• Supplying minerals, vitamins and trace elements; and Bovatec® if needed

How do they work?
Bacterial growth is encouraged with the addition of urea that transforms to ammonia in the rumen. Together with roughage or carbohydrate, ammonia is what the bacteria feed on. It is these bacteria, when themselves digested by the animal, that not only provide additional protein but also help break down fibrous dry feed, therefore making energy derived from feed more accessible.

Why are HiPro supplements necessary?
• Hays, straws, and dry feed, in general, are of lower digestibility than fresh green fodder.
• The harder the feed is to breakdown the less the animal can extract from the feed.
• Minerals, Vitamins and Trace elements are paramount to growth, health, and reproduction among many other functions in the body. Dry feed does not have adequate levels of these micro-nutrients for productive purposes.