Lambing Trial - StockMins - EweLamLac HE vs Causmag, Lime, and Salt

A trial was conducted comparing the effects of Causemag, Lime and Salt vs StockMins- EweLamLac HE on Ewe Condition Score, Ewe and Lamb Body Weight by Anthony Shepherd from Sheep Matters, Cootamundra NSW. The results of the trial have been summarised below:

Lamb Results (Singles):

Overall weight gain:
Lambs supplemented StockMins - EweLamLac HE performed 39% better in weight gain in comparison to lambs supplement Causemag, Lime and Salt.

Weights recorded at lamb marking:
Lambs on StockMins - EweLamLac HE weighed an average of 4.4kg heavier than Causemag, Lime and Salt lambs.

Using 50% yield (2.2kg)x $6.00kg equals an extra $13.20/hd gross value, minus the cost of StockMins EweLamLac HE ($0.99) = $12.21/hd net value

Weights recorded at weaning:
An average weight of 6.1kg total weight gain more was achieved by StockMins - EweLamLac HE vs Causemag, Lime and Salt Lambs.

At 50% yield (3.05kg) x $6.00kg equals an extra $18.30 HD gross value, minus the cost of StockMins- EweLamLac HE ($0.99)= $17.31/hd net value

Projected weight Gains (PWG):
Using a PWG of 234g/day StockMins - EweLamLac HE lambs will reach 42kg LW in 50 days.
Using a PWG of 186g/day Causemag, Lime and Salt lambs will reach 42kg LW in 96 days.

StockMins - EweLamLac HE lambs reached 42kg 46 days earlier, therefore off your feed and out of your management time in almost half the time!

Ewe Results (Singles):

Ewes Body Weight:
StockMins - EweLamLac HE ewes lost an average of 4.1kg less than Causemag, Lime and Salt single ewes over the period of preg scanning to weaning (182 days).

This result was achieved even with the Causemag, Lime and Salt Ewes having an average of 48kg extra dry matter per head per day over the period of lambing to lamb marking (7 weeks).

StockMins - EweLamLac HE ewes lost 6.2% (3.5kg) of their body weight between scanning and lamb marking in comparison to Causemag, Lime and Salt ewes losing 15% (8.4kg) over the same period. This is a huge 140% extra loss in body weight!

Ewe Condition Score:
StockMins - EweLamLac HE ewes lost 0.2 of a condition score less than Causemag, Lime and Salt ewes over the period from pregnancy scanning to weaning (remembering CLS ewes had extra dry matter).

This trial really shows the value of optimum trace element and vitamin supplementation along with the correct balance of available magnesium, sodium, and calcium. This is a hallmark of AusFarm Nutrition supplements and stands as the major difference between StockMins - EweLamLac HE and your DPI recommended blend of Causmag, Lime and Salt.