Maintaining lamb growth on declining pastures

Standing feed values are under attack from the warming weather and it won’t be long until it hampers the exceptional growth rates we’ve already seen in lambs… unless paired with appropriate supplementation.

With potential high supply of market ready lambs in the new year expected to put downward pressure on lamb prices, we are in a race to get lambs “up and off” as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to maintain or, better yet, increase current growth rates as standing feed depreciates.

The complex mix of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other additives in StockMins-Lamb Finisher supports healthy lamb growth but it is the inclusion of NPN, buffers and Bovatec® that gives growing lambs that extra boost.
• Buffers; allow for safe supplementation of grain to increase energy supply.
• NPN; facilitates greater fibre digestion and microbial protein synthesis.
• Bovatec®; helps increase feed conversion efficiency, growth rate and general gut health.

Singularly or collectively, these supplementation benefits add value to drying feed stores and the diagram attached illustrates the depreciating values that lambs, and other growing stock, are likely to encounter as the season progresses.

As standing feed matures; protein and energy supply steadily declines from the optimal levels desired for rapidly growing lambs (16% protein and 12MJ ME/Kg). By supplementing for these declines, we can effectively reduce time on feed, therefore, more rapidly meet desired sale weights that ultimately could be the difference between an $8.00/kg and a $9.00/Kg lamb.

Based on ANP Benchmarking and the current lamb and grain prices, it is highly cost beneficial to increase lamb growth rates with grain supplementation. With the high value of the stock left in the grazing paddocks this harvest season… Is it worth leaving them to their own devices?