All ANP products are sold through distributors (local farm stores), however products can be ordered in a variety of ways:

  1. Products can be ordered and purchased through any ANP distributor and can be delivered or picked up as per arrangements with distributors.
  2. Products can be ordered through ANP directly by phone or email and picked up from the Bomen factory or delivered as per arrangements with ANP. However for billing purposes the account will be organised through a distributor.
  3. Products can be ordered through ANP and picked up from a distributor of choice. Account must also be settled through distributors.

Current distributors and contact details are listed below:

  • Ag n Vet Services throughout the region
  • Riverina Coop, Wagga Wagga
  • Landmark Pitzen, Holbrook
  • Landmark, Goulburn
  • Forest Lodge, Goulburn
  • McAlister & Saunderson, Gundagai
  • Tarcutta Rural
  • Coota Producers, Cootamundra
  • Thompsons Rural Stores
  • Hammonds Hardware, Tumbarumba
  • Mangoplah Farm Centre
  • Yerong Creek Rural

For recommendations of other distributors please contact ANP.