StockGro - Econopro

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle
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To feed as a supplement with dry feed and roughages to elevate the fibre digestibility and efficiency of utilisation of dry low protein pastures and farm-produced forages and stubbles.

Product Appearance:

StockGro – EconoPro appears as a mid-brown viscous liquid with a consistency similar to that of thick cream. Its taste is salty and slightly sour and bitter.

Target Animals:

Feed to dry and late lactating cattle, moderate performance steers and bullocks on high roughage/dry pasture diets or other regimens where protein supply is marginal.

Product Description:

StockGro – EconoPro is similar in some way to StockGro – HiPro but lower in specification of certain nutrients and cost. Intake control may not be good as HiPro.

StockGro – EconoPro is a palatable Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS) designed to be fed free access to cattle under dry pasture, roughage, stubble and drought conditions.

StockGro - EconoPro contains 26% crude protein together with essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Intake is controlled to promote little and often to maximise microbial performance.

Feeding Instructions:

Offer StockGro – EconoPro free access in polypropylene 600 litre tubs. The duration of supplementation will depend on the quality and quantity of pasture and roughage available.

Use one tub for 40 – 50 animals. ANP can supply tubs at reasonable cost.

It is advisable to place tubs of StockGro - EconoPro in positions in the paddock that are well away from or diametrically opposite to the water source.

Roughage in the paddock must be available and plentiful.

Typical Intakes for Bovine Livestock:

      Animal                  Live Wt Range (kg)            Target DailyIntake(g)

     Cows/Calves                       450 – 700                          600 – 1000

     Dry Cows                            500 - 600                           350 - 450

     Weaners                             160 – 230                          100 – 250

     Yearlings                            300 – 400                           300 – 700

     Steers/Heifers                     400 – 500                           400 – 700

     Bullocks/Bulls                      550 – 700                           600 – 900


Caution: Do not allow access to horses!