StockGro - Feedlot 40 + Bovatec®*

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle
Product Code: 
GbF 09 (GF 07, without Bovatec®)


To be fed as a complete supplement in a mixed diet for cattle in feedlots.

Product Appearance:

StockGro - Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® is dark brown viscous liquid. It is slightly sour to the taste with clear molasses smell and taste characteristics

Target Animals:

Feed StockGro – Feedlot 40 (with or without Bovatec ®) to cattle in feedlots or in paddocks on total mixed rations.

Product Description:

StockGro - Feedlot 40 is a palatable molasses-based liquid feed supplement designed to be fed to feedlot cattle.

StockGro - Feedlot 40 contains 32% crude protein from 3 sources thereby contributing 1.3% protein to the diet when mixed at the recommended rate of addition.

StockGro - Feedlot 40 contains a balance of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins A, D3& E to allow optimum feedlot performance and health. Bovatec®, as a non-hormonal growth promoter, is optional. When included it is present at the recommended level to increase feed conversion efficiency and economic returns (as per manufacturer’s advice).

Vitamin E is present at a level that will have a positive effect on meat quality

Human food grade molasses provides the main vehicle to distribute nutrients evenly throughout the feed.

StockGro – Feedlot 40 also contains acid salts, including ammonium sulphate to assist in the prevention of urinary calculi in steers and bulls.


StockGro – Feedlot 40 costs around $30 per tonne of mixed feed

Mixing Instructions:

Mix 40kgs of StockGro - Feedlot 40 thoroughly with each 1000kg of air dry feed equivalents.

Caution: Do not allow access to horses if Bovatec is present!

* with or without Bovatec®