StockGro - HiMag*

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle
Product Code: 
GM 03

Purpose: To assist in the control of Grass Tetany and other magnesium related deficiencies in cattle by direct feeding free access or inclusion in complete feed at pasture.

Product Appearance:

StockGro – HiMag appears as a dark creamy brown viscous liquid with a consistency of single cream. To the human palate it has a bitter but sweet flavour with clear molasses characteristics.

Target Animals:

Offer StockGro – HiMag to cows with calves to coincide with predisposing conditions of grass tetany. StockGro – HiMag is strongly indicated for lactating cattle from autumn through to spring when pasture is flush and lacking in structure together with external stresses such as wet and cold conditions or excessive movement. Also, offer StockGro – HiMag to cattle of all ages when grazing crops that are high in potassium and low in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Product Description:

StockGro - HiMag is a convenient and an economic magnesium-rich (4%) Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS) containing several sources of magnesium that are both palatable and highly available for absorption in the animal. These different sources of magnesium address the sites of magnesium absorption within the gut.

The carrying medium is cane molasses and other additives in the supplement assist in intake regulation to littler and often thereby maximising absorption of the magnesium present.

StockGro – HiMag may also be offered with Bovatec® to give an added performance benefit and assist in the control of bloat.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed StockGro – HiMag directly in polypropylene tubs in the paddock as a free access supplement. Use one tub 600l tub per 40 – 50 animals. It may also be mixed with a feed supplement or TMR. 

Typical Intakes for Cattle:

    Animal                              Live Wt Range (kg)                 Target DailyIntake(g)

    Cows                                      450 – 800                                    100 - 150        

    Heifers                                    350 – 500                                     50 – 150

    Growers (on crops)                  250 – 450                                      50 - 100


StockGro - HiMag is available in 1000L totes or in 200L drums ex Wagga store or can be delivered on farm. It may be ordered from your local AusFarm distributor.

* Offered with or without Bovatec®