StockMins - Beef Feedlot 40 + Bovatec®

Dry supplement for feedlot cattle
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A complete supplement designed to accompany and balance high grain diets for growing and fattening cattle.

Product Appearance:

StockMins – Beef Feedlot is a palatable, dry, dust free, feed supplement designed to be fed to cattle in feedlots and at pasture. It has a distinct ammonia smell with molasses undertones.

Product Description:

Key Features:

  • Molassed to control dust and product losses and limit separation in mixed grain feeds
  • Partly granular to reduce separation and increase palatability
  • Partly weather resistant to reduce rain damage and leaching
  • Contains optimum levels of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for rapid growth.
  • Contains anti-acid (buffer) compounds to reduce acidosis
  • Contains acid salts to reduce the incidence of urinary calculi
  • Contains Bovatec® for growth promotion and to aid the control of coccidiosis and bloat.
  • Contains a high level of vitamin E to improve meat quality and health
  • Contains NPN from several sources to complement grain proteins

Feeding Instructions:

Mix thoroughly together with other ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 25kg of Beef Feedlot supplement per 1 tonne of air dried feed, or

Offer free access in tubs limiting intake to around 100g – 150g/head/day once animals are fully adapted. Use one tub for 25 cows/steers.

Caution: -  Do not allow access to horses!

                -  This product contains 8% urea. Care must be taken when

           introducing it to livestock. Introduce gradually over a 7 - 10 day    


    -  Only feed to livestock intended.