StockMins - Bloat Control

Dry Supplement for Sheep and Cattle
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To assist in the control and onset of symptoms of pasture bloat by direct feeding at pasture or including in feed rations.

Product Appearance:

StockMins – Bloat Control is a granular, slightly fibrous dust free premix. It appears light brown in colour with a mild smell of molasses. It is molasses coated and is weather resistant.

Target Animals:

StockMins – Bloat Control should be fed free access or in-feed to sheep and cattle grazing in conditions predisposing to frothy bloat such as lush legume and grass pastures.

Product Description:

StockMins  - Bloat Control contains active constituent, Teric PE62.

StockMins  - Bloat Control can be offered together with Bovatec® which in combination are powerful bloat reducing agents for extreme conditions.

Key Features:

Teric has strong antifoaming properties even at small levels of intake.

StockMins  - Bloat Control also contains minerals and trace elements that are considered to be of benefit under bloat-predisposing conditions.

Teric itself is a highly unpalatable material that needs to be fed together with other palatable ingredients to allow acceptable intakes.

Bovatec® has the ability to manipulate the rumen microflora in favour of bacteria that produce less gas thereby reducing the susceptibility to ‘foaming’.

StockMins Bloat Control is fortified with calcium, phosphorus, salt and sulphur.

A high level of magnesium is included since bloat, grass tetany and high pasture potassium levels often occur around the same time of year. In combination, they reduce the risk of both bloat and tetany.

Note, for cattle StockGro – Bloat Control 50 + Bovatec® or Bloat Control 100 liquid feed supplements are recommended.

Feeding Instructions:

Mixed Rations:- Mix together with other ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 50kg of StockMins – Bloat Control supplement per tonne of feed.

Free Access Feeding:- Offer free access in tubs limiting intake to around 20g/head/day for sheep and 100 – 150g head/day for cattle.