“Paul Meggison is the owner and nutritionist of Ausfarm Nutrition Products. We have been consulting Paul for over 12 years, he provides an accurate, cost effective range of products that we use. Including a weaning product for cattle and a pre and early lactation product for heifers and ewes. He has also been a source of information about locating cost effective feeds.”



John McNeil, General Manager, Eringoarrah Station

StockMins - Hoof n Horn is great for clearing up foot abscess. This year has been a big one for foot problems in ewes and since using Hoof n Horn i haven't had any problems.

Andrew Cook, Harefield

"I've been using StockGro - StopStress for over a year now. I use to have problems with dark cutters and weight loss during transport. Now the cattle don't lose condition or weight on the way to the sale yards... I can't afford not to use StockGro - StopStress".

Anthony Bahr (Visy, Tumut)

"I really noticed the difference this year. My ewes and lambs look that much better after using StockMins - EweLam Lac. The twins aren't struggling and the ewes look healthy".

John Lenehan, Galore