Autumn Supplement Focus 2012

Magnesium Deficiency

Recent wet weather strongly suggests a repeat of last year’s widespread grass tetany epidemic that cost millions to our industry. Insufficient circulatory magnesium is a KILLER in cattle and sheep, especially under stressful conditions. Economically, through direct and consequential losses, it represents one of the main drains on livestock farm income. A key antagonizing factor in Grass Tetany is potassium. Potassium is prevalent in fresh young pasture reducing as plants mature.

Recommendations of Causemag®, lime, and salt have thus far been, and at best are, only effective against mild challenges. The main reason for this is that magnesium from Causemag® is poorly available since it does not become soluble until it passes most of the sites of absorption in the rumen and omasum.

Causemag®, lime, and salt are also an unpalatable mixture and magnesium oxide dust represents a health hazard to both farmers and livestock alike. For these reasons, AusFarm’s high magnesium supplements provide magnesium in soluble, available, dust-free forms and as such are able to withstand high challenges and this has been well proven in recent years. This year, as with last year, is predicted to be a season of high challenges in central and southern NSW with many contributing factors lining up once again.

Magnesium Supplements (HiMag)

AusFarm’s StockGro (liquid) and StockMins (granular) HiMag supplements are technical formulations that are crafted to combat the worst of conditions. Cost-effectively, these products lead their fields. They save lives and save your pocket!

These products use magnesium from 4 different sources to align availability with sites of absorption. When absorption efficiency is high amounts used can be small. All AusFarm’s high magnesium products contain appreciable levels of acid salts that enable the mobilization of minerals from the bone. As well as assisting in the control of magnesium deficiency, growth benefits in young stock and assistance with calving are spin-off benefits of magnesium supplements.

StockMins – EweLamLac

This water-resistant, granular product has been specifically designed to ease pre- and post-lambing problems in ewes. EweLamLac supplies high and balanced levels of:

  • Vitamin E for tissue repair, ewe health, immune response, and lamb survival
  • Calcium and phosphorus to support fetal growth and milk production
  • 4 available sources of magnesium for pregnancy, lactation, and reduced morbidity.
  • Vitamins A, D3, and B1, trace elements (some organic), and acid salts.

The recent development of EweLamLac has enabled it to be useful during joining as trial work suggests that it is instrumental in boosting ewe fertility and ovulation rate. Some trials recorded results of up to eight eggs per ovulation. EweLamLac can be supplied with Bovatec® to promote growth, milk production, and lamb health and like all our granular supplements it can be conveniently offered free access or added to feed.

StockMins – Hoof n Horn

With forecasts of above-average rainfall this autumn, hoof problems will again be prevalent. The consequential economic losses from foot scald and soft hooves are significant, especially in sheep and bulls.Hoof sores result in sub-optimal grazing ability at times, such as just before lambing or during joining, when compromised nutrient intake has a direct effect on economic performance. During last year’s wet period, farmers had great success with StockMins – Hoof n Horn through reducing infection, improved healing, and improved hoof integrity.