Our Services

AusFarm Nutrition Products are here to support producers and the livestock that they care for. We do not only offer quality ruminant nutrition products we also pride ourselves on providing specialised services and customised technical advice. Such services include:
  • Complementary, continued professional and nutritional advice and consultation.
  • Up-to-date nutritional information and advice through our quarterly newsletter. Click here to join our mailing list.
  • Loan of feed tubs for the duration of supplementation program (subject to availability of tubs).
  • On-farm delivery of liquid feed supplements within 100km radius of Wagga Wagga (deliveries of at least 2,000L, subject to availability of delivery drivers).
  • Assistance with feed and commodity procurement.
  • Feedlot design and troubleshooting.

Nutritional Advice

Our team has a wealth of nutritional knowledge, especially in southern NSW production systems. We are eager to share customised nutritional advice to assist producers in maximising production and profitability while minimising risks.

Ration Formulation

Our technical nutrition consultants specialise in feed formulation and diet construction. Whether managing a grazing operation, feedlot or dairy, we can balance diets to maximise business profitability and animal health and performance.

Metabolic Disease Investigation

Through feed sampling and analysis, we investigate metabolic diseases and troubleshoot diets to maximise growth and efficiency.

Feed Tests

It is important to know what you are feeding your animals, especially in a lot feeding scenario. We offer complementary feed tests to customers to assist with ration formulation and feedlot consultation.

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