Bloat Management with AusFarm Nutrition Products

Bloat is one of the major threats to livestock production and welfare in the Riverina Murray region that largely goes undisclosed. Frothy Bloat, the most commonly found, is primarily a result of a combination of two factors:

  1. The consumption of pastures containing a high level of saponins is predominantly found in legumes.
  2. The rapid rumen fermentation of highly digestible legumes causes the production of copious amounts of methane.

This combination creates a stable foam that the animal finds difficult to release causing a build-up of pressure in the rumen. Unless treated, this pressure continues to increase causing death by heart attack or asphyxiation. The symptoms are visibly obvious with an enlarged left flank.

Recent rain events and dependence on Lucerne and other Bloat risky pastures have led to an increase in production losses. Please click the attached link to see a full report on management and prevention from ANP.

Technical Information: Bloat Control