Grass Tetany Alert

A combination of various environmental factors this season tend to be aligning and can possibly create the perfect storm for Grass Tetany (hypomagnesemia) in cattle over the next few months. These predisposing factors include:

  • High K and low Mg in young pasture after a dry spell
  • Prolonged periods of cold, wet and windy conditions
  • Lactating, older and better conditioned cows

Although Grass Tetany is generally isolated to lactating cows, Mg deficiency can have a significant impact on liveweight gain in other classes of cattle grazing green pastures and crops.

Please click the link to view our Grass Tetany Alert that discusses each of the points listed above.

StockMins-BoviMag and StockGro-HiMag are two of our products specifically designed for cattle. They can effectively boost essential minerals and trace elements to aid in the prevention and control of Grass Tetany.

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