HiEn 500-Dust Control

Dry Premix Supplement for In-feed Use


HiEn 500 – Dust Control is an effective dust suppressing premix for feed milling operations where dust is an issue. It works by binding to dust particles during the mixing process before they become airborne.

Target Animals

Sheep, Cattle

Product Description

HiEn 500 – Dust Control is friable premix of vegetable oil adsorbed on to a cereal straw base. It delivers 500g/kg of high-quality vegetable oil and is readily dispersible in feed mixes.

Product Appearance

The product has sweet and subtle aromatic smell and appears as a light to mid-brown particulate meal.

Feeding Instruction

Include 5 – 15kg of HiEn 500 – Dust Control per tonne of mixed feed. Begin inclusion at 5kg per tonne and increase if required to appropriate level of dust control satisfaction.

Warning: Only feed to intended livestock

Product Code



Presented in 25kg bags
HiEn 500-Dust Control costs from $17 to $50/tonne of mixed feed at recommended inclusion level

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