MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets for Sheep

Feedlot Pellets for Sheep


A complete high specification supplement designed to accompany and balance high grain feedlot diets for rapidly growing lambs and sheep. StockMins-MinPro 50 is specifically formulated to satisfy the requirements of rapidly growing livestock when included in a grain ration at 5% (50kg/tonne of air dried feed).

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Product Description

MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets for Sheep

  • Contains two sources of protein in the form of cotton seed meal and Non-Protein Nitrogen (urea) to elevate the protein supply of feedlot diets.
  • Is fortified with effective buffers to help stabilise rumen pH and reduce the incidence of sub-clinical and clinical acidosis (grain poisoning).
  • Contains optimum balanced levels of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements necessary to support rapid growth and performance on high grain diets.
  • Is built with Bovatec®, a registered and highly effective ionophore, for improved rumen function, feed conversion efficiency and the prevention and control of coccidiosis in lambs.
  • Displayed as stable and uniform pellets that remain evenly dispersed in a grain ration and can flow freely through grain feeders.
  • Each pellet contains an even amount of feedlot mineral concentrate to ensure that animals are receiving the required dose in every mouthful.

Product Appearance

MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets for Sheep are a creamy brown colour with a distinct organic salty aroma. Each pellet is 4mm in diameter and an average of 10mm long. Similar size to most feed grains and ideal for flow through grain feeders.

Feeding Instruction

Mix MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets for Sheep thoroughly with other feed ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 50kg of MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets per 1 tonne of feed.

The most effective way to mix MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets with grain is using a vertical ribbon mixer. However, if this type of mixer is unavailable, MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets can be added at a proportional rate as grain is augered, ensuring care is taken to maintain even distribution.

At recommended inclusion rate, MinPro 50 Feedlot Pellets provide 1.5% CP to a total mixed ration.


  • Only feed to intended livestock
  • Do not allow access to horses

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800kg Bulk Bags; 25kg Polypropylene Bags; Bulk Delivery (Min 40T)
Around $90 per Tonne of air dried feed

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