StockGro – Bloat Control 100

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle


To assist in the control and onset of symptoms of pasture bloat by direct feeding at pasture.

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Product Description

StockGro – Bloat Control 100

  • Fortified with Teric PE62 (10%), an extremely effective surfactant (anti-foaming agent) that actively and rapidly breaks down stable foam caused by grazing legumes or short lush sprig pastures.
  • Contains magnesium, calcium and other minerals and trace elements that are considered to be of benefit under bloat-predisposing conditions.

The product with Bovatec® offers 2 additional advantages:-

  • Bovatec® may help to prevent the onset of bloat through its effect on rumen microbes and rumen fermentation.
  • Bovatec® is registered for use in dairy and beef cattle and sheep. Its effect on growth, feed efficiency, milk production and animal health are well documented. It has a nil withdrawal period.

Product Appearance

StockGro – Bloat Control 100 appears as a mid- to dark brown semi-viscous liquid with a consistency similar to single cream and has a particularly bitter taste to the human palate.

Feeding Instruction

Offer StockGro-Bloat Control 100 directly to cattle in polypropylene tubs in the paddock as a free access supplement. Use one 600l tub per 40 – 50 animals.

It is advisable to place the tubs of StockGro-Bloat Control 100 either close to or far away from water depending on intake. Start off close to water or near a walk track and monitor intake.


  • Feed only to intended livestock!
  • Do not allow access to horses!
  • This is a specialty product. Do not feed to hungry or dehydrated livestock. Excessive consumption can be fatal.

Product Code



Product is provided in 1,000L totes. 500L liquid feed tubs can be provided on a loan basis.
Depending on bloat risk and the size of the animal, between 17 to 31 cents per head per day.

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