StockGro – EziWean

Liquid Feed Supplement for Calves


StockGro – EziWean has been specially designed to address weaning trauma in calves. Through its specific nutritional components, EziWean assists in preventing dehydration, hyperactivity, excessive weight loss and other common ailments that affect calves around weaning time. StockGro – EziWean is fed free access in troughs or poured on to feed in yards, weaning pens or paddocks. It can also be used in calves and weaners before transport or movement to reduce stress and elevate water intake and body hydration. Offer EziWean free access post transport to aid recovery and rehydration from stress.

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Product Description

StockGro – EziWean is a palatable molasses-based Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS). The product incorporates a dynamic balance of nutritional components designed to reduce stress and elevate water intake and water retention within the body. It also has highly available sources of energy for calves during their transition from a milk-based diet to fodder-based diets.

StockGro – EziWeancontains a blend of salts that directly affect the stress potential and hydration ability of the body. Vitamins A, D3, E & B1(Thiamine) are added together with a full range of essential trace elements. Bovatec® is also used for its effects on growth efficiency, coccidiosis and general gut health.

Product Appearance

StockGro – EziWean appears as a dark brown viscous liquid. Its taste is slightly salty and rather bitter but also sweet and treacly with distinct molasses flavours.

Feeding Instruction

Offer StockGro – EziWean free access in polypropylene 400 litre tubs or allow 0.7 – 1kg per head per day poured onto feed in yards, pens or paddocks.

Note, animals that are used to liquid supplements will adapt quicker to EziWean.  Feed EziWean immediately after separation from cows in addition to a normal diet. Some feed substitution will occur thereby adding the economic benefits of EziWean. Continue to feed EziWean for around 10 days including at least 3 days post-weaning on new feed. Supplying EziWean post transport is also advantageous.

Ensure plenty of fresh water. Water consumption may increase 2-fold.

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Product is provided in 1,000L totes. 500L liquid feed tubs can be provided on a loan basis.
At recommended intakes cost is $0.86 – $1.20 per day.

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