StockGro – HiMag + Bovatec®

Liquid Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


To assist in the control of Grass Tetany and other magnesium related deficiencies in cattle while elevating liveweight gain on winter crops anf pastures.

Target Animals


Product Description

  • Contains high levels of magnesium from 4 sources to meet the demands of pregnant, lactating or growing animals and aids in the prevention of grass tetany.
  • Magnesium sources have different solubilities and release rates thereby providing a broader cover of magnesium uptake.
  • Contains acid (anionic) salts to assist in skeletal mineral mobilisation (calcium, phosphorous and magnesium) to support lactation.
  • Contains optimum levels of essential minerals and trace elements necessary for optimum health of lactating cattle and growth and performance of growers at pasture and cereal crop.
  • Bovatec® aids in increased feed efficiency, elevated lactation and the control of Coccidiosis in calves.”

Product Appearance

StockGro – HiMag appears as a dark creamy brown viscous liquid with a consistency of single cream. To the human palate it has a bitter but sweet flavour with clear molasses characteristics.

Feeding Instruction

Feed StockGro-HiMag + Bovatec® directly in polypropylene tubs in the paddock as a free access supplement. Use one tub 500l tub per 40 – 50 animals. It may also be mixed with a feed supplement or TMR.


  • Feed only to intended livestock!
  • Do not allow access to horses!
  • This is a specialty product. Do not feed to hungry or dehydrated livestock. Excessive consumption can be fatal.

Product Code



Product is provided in 1,000L totes. 500L liquid feed tubs can be provided on a loan basis.

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