StockMins-BoviMag Plus Magnesium Supplement for Growing Cattle

StockMins – BoviMag Plus

Magnesium Supplement for Growing Cattle


StockMins-BoviMag Plus is an economic and convenient complete supplement, rich in magnesium, and designed to be fed to cattle at times of magnesium deficiency, grass tetany and other nutritional deficiencies associated with fresh pasture and grazed cereal crops.

Target Animals


Product Description

  • Contains high levels of magnesium from 4 sources to meet the animals’ high demand of late pregnancy and lactation.
  • Magnesium sources have different solubilities and release rates thereby giving a broader cover of magnesium uptake.
  • High levels of salt, calcium and phosphorus to assist in magnesium absorption.
  • Optimum levels of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamin D necessary for optimum growth and performance at pasture.
  • Built with Bovatec to assist with rumen health and boost liveweight gain on green feed
  • Contains acid (anionic) salts to assist in skeletal magnesium mobilisation.
  • Contains buffers to help to control extremes of rumen pH at fresh pasture.
  • Molassed to control dust and product losses and limit segregation in mixed feeds.
  • Weather resistant to reduce rain damage and leaching.
  • Granular to reduce separation.

Product Appearance

A palatable, molassed, dry, dust free, semi-granular feed supplement. It appears as a light coffee colour.

It is salty to the taste and has distinct sweet molasses smell.

Feeding Instruction

Free Access Feeding

Offer StockMins-BoviMag Plus free access in tubs limiting intake to 150g/head/day for cattle. After a period of introduction of around 1 week animals will tend to control their own intake to recommended levels.

Use one tub for 20 – 30 cows.

Mixed Rations

Mix thoroughly together with other ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 50kg (2 bags) of StockMins-BoviMag Plus supplement per 1 tonne of feed.


Product Code



25kg bags
An average of 33 cents/hd/day

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