AusFarm Nutrition Products (ANP) do not only offer quality ruminant nutrition products we also pride ourselves on providing our customers and clients with a high-end form of customer service and technical advice. Such services ANP provide include:

  • Complementary continued, updated and professional technical and nutritional advice to farmers
  • On farm delivery to within 200km radius of Wagga Wagga (deliveries of 1000L +)
  • Free quarterly newsletter outlining current topics in the animal industry and nutritional advice on how to combat foreseen metabolic diseases and conditions (ask to be added to the mailing list)
  • Feed sample tests and interpretation
  • Complementary feed and diet formulation for customers and clients
  • Complementary results and conclusions from ANP R&D
  • Custom mixes and formulations
  • Metabolic disease diagnosis
  • Feedlot design and construction

At ANP we realise that quality and service are valued greatly in the rural community, therefore each product is freshly made and delivered to the customer within 48 hours.