Toxic Weeds Alert

Reports of toxic weeds

The recent rainfall has increased the number of reports of toxic weeds springing up in summer pastures and stubbles. Although many weeds are safe to graze, some of the more common summer weeds may be toxic to livestock.

Keep an eye out for the following toxic weeds

Hairy Panic toxic weed in pasture Heliotrope toxic weed in pasture Caltrop toxic weed in pasture Goosefoot toxic weed in pasture

Symptoms of toxicosis

Photosensitisation, jaundice, swelling of the head, jaw, and eyes, and weight loss are all visible signs of plant toxicosis. These symptoms generally stem from a dysfunctional and damaged liver that can have long-term consequences for animal health, production, and welfare.

Graze weeds with StockMins-Detox

StockMins-Detox is the first product of its kind available for livestock grazing weeds in pasture and can reduce the effects of toxins in three distinct ways:

  • Protecting against the absorption of a variety of harmful toxins in weeds
  • Stimulates and supports normal liver function
  • Assists with tissue recovery and repair.

For more information about how StockMins-Detox works read our technical article on the Dangers of Grazing Weeds in Pastures

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