ANP is Increasing Our Manufacturing Capacity

On the back of sustained demand for our StockMins range of granular loose-lick products and our drive to deliver supplements to producers in a timely manner, we have invested in a new manufacturing system that will assist us in meeting demand. With a team of engineers working around the clock, phase 1 of the new system is likely to be installed, tested and in full swing by the end of June. Phase 1 includes a new 1 tonne mixer and quick packing technology.

We are really excited about the new equipment, as it is estimated to more than double our current manufacturing capacity and assist in getting products to you when you need them.

Phase 2 involves the addition of computerised raw material loading, automatic bag filling and stitching and robotic pallet packing. Phase 2 will begin in July, and is expected to boost our efficiency even further.

New Mixer System Installation