Jon Meggison

Dr Paul Meggison’s Dry Season Feeding Program

Our nutritionists Micheal Savli and Dr Paul Meggison recently featured in an article in The Land discussing effective dry season feeding strategies. Below is a short snippet of the article including recommendations from Micheal and a practical example from Paul maintaining dry cows and keeping weaners moving forward in his commercial cattle herd at Rockview, […]

Judging production capability of dry feed

How do I know when my pasture is lacking the quality and quantity to sustain production? For cows and calves, put out bales of barley or oat straw: If they don’t touch the straw, there is enough nutrition in the paddock to satisfy requirements. If they only eat a little bit of the straw, the […]

Control Lameness Before Joining for Better Lambing Results

Key Points: Are your rams in condition to perform flat out for 5 weeks? Performing ram checks 12 weeks prior to joining is ideal for ram preparation. Lameness can significantly impact ewe and ram fertility and ability to perform. Effective mineral, vitamin and trace element supplementation from six weeks prior to joining can boost fertility. […]