Control Lameness Before Joining for Better Lambing Results

Key Points: Are your rams in condition to perform flat out for 5 weeks? Performing ram checks 12 weeks prior to joining is ideal for ram preparation. Lameness can significantly impact ewe and ram fertility and ability to perform. Effective mineral, vitamin and trace element supplementation from six weeks prior to joining can boost fertility. […]

StockMins-EweLamLac HE Trial

StockMins-EweLamLac HE Trial An independent lambing supplement trial was conducted where the performance of single bearing ewes and their lambs, offered a traditional supplement of Causmag®, Lime and Salt (CLS) from late-pregnancy to early-lactation, was compared to single bearing ewes and their lambs offered StockMins-EweLamLac HE (ELL-HE) over the same period. Key Points: StockMins-EweLamLac HE saw […]

Summer Bloat

Weaners grazing lucerne

Lucerne is a fantastic feed, especially during summer when winter-dominant pastures have matured and browned off. Lucerne’s high level of protein and digestibility make it ideal for growing weaners, enabling them to stack on the weight at a time when little else is on offer. However, grazing lucerne, especially fresh growing lucerne, can cause cattle […]