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StockMins-EweLamLac HE Trial

Healthy ewes produce healthy lambs

StockMins-EweLamLac HE Trial An independent lambing supplement trial was conducted where the performance of single bearing ewes and their lambs, offered a traditional supplement of Causmag®, Lime and Salt (CLS) from late-pregnancy to early-lactation, was compared to single bearing ewes and their lambs offered StockMins-EweLamLac HE (ELL-HE) over the same period. The control flock (228 ewes) […]

Toxic Weeds Alert

Reports of toxic weeds The recent rainfall has increased the number of reports of toxic weeds springing up in summer pastures and stubbles. Although many weeds are safe to graze, some of the more common summer weeds may be toxic to livestock. Keep an eye out for the following toxic weeds Symptoms of toxicosis Photosensitisation, […]

Six Steps to Improve Lambing in 2023

Healthy ewes produce healthy lambs

So, your scanning results are in, and you are relatively happy with them. This has come from you making the right decisions and having ideal conditions up to this point. Now you are presented with a new challenge. Improve lambing by maximising the survival of ewes and lambs throughout pregnancy, and get the lambs weaned […]

Quieter, Calmer Weaning for Better Performance

Weaners grazing lucerne

The fantastic condition of cows and the abundance of quality feed available this Spring has given many producers the flexibility to manage their weaning perfectly to optimise the performance of their herd. Producers looking to strip weight off their cows in time for joining may be looking to hold off weaning and “milk off their […]

Grazing Stubbles

Grazing stubbles is another great example of the synergies between crop and livestock production. Stubbles, when grazed effectively can assist in the growth and maintenance of livestock, during summer, when feed availability and quality is generally limited. In return, grazing livestock help to physically breakdown stubbles to assist with future sowing activities. Another useful by-product […]

Dangers of Grazing Weeds in Pasture

Lambs grazing weeds in paddock

Key Points Soil moisture will likely see weeds springing up in pastures and stubbles Weeds can be a great source of feed, but some can be toxic to livestock Mycotoxins are also a concern this summer due to spoilt crops Toxins can be diluted by feeding hay StockMins-Detox protects against the absorption of harmful toxins, […]