AusFarm Nutrition Product - Covid-19 crisis

Many farmers and distributors alike have asked if they will have security of supply of ANP products during this crisis period. We share their and your concerns and I have taken the following measures to add confidence to your business.

Our Status
ANP is a member of the StockFeed Manufacturers Council of Australia who are constantly in contact with State and Federal Governments. SFMCA has advised us that feed and premix companies and their suppliers are regarded as 'Essential Services' and will continue to supply, even across State borders.

Raw Material Supply
Although many of our raw materials are imported (est. 30% by volume), we have been assured that supply will continue against forecast. On the assumptions that our level of business will at least equal, or increase over, last year, we have placed forecasts accordingly. Several raw materials are short worldwide but we are confident that ANP will have adequate supplies. At the request of our main raw material suppliers and SFMCA we will not be stockpiling, rather we will rely on the assurances of our suppliers and logistics arrangements.

Due to a declining exchange rate and certain worldwide shortages price:demand has had an effect on some raw material prices, especially imported commodities. Accordingly, we are in the throes of a costing review and we will look at a price revision in due course.
Although there will be some impact on ANP’s products we, as usual, will:-
• keep this to a minimum.
• give our customers adequate notice.
• maximise the interval between price adjustments - the last 2 adjustments were August 2015 and July 2018!

Freight In
The majority of our incoming raw materials are transported by local freight company, Ron Crouch Transport. Following lengthy discussions with owner Geoff Crouch (ATA member), we have strong assurances that freight for essential services will continue uninterrupted.

Freight Out
ANP uses a variety of freight services for delivering products to customers:-
• Local taxi trucks
• Line haul inter-state
• ANP’s own delivery
We have checked with all these services and have received assurances that essential services will be catered for. In the worst case, ANP is prepared to use its fleet of utility vehicles and trailers to meet local demands.

ANP’s Production
We have already taken steps to control any potential virus infection in ANP. Non-essential employees (including the writer) are working from home. The factory and offices are separated and each factory employee has been given a separate area of operation. There is also a protocol for dealing with transport personnel.

On Farm Deliveries
This service will continue where necessary and our delivery personnel have been given a protocol for contact with farmers.

Finally, but not least, for the foreseeable future we will not have face to face contact with distributors unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, we will use a range of telecommunications and media to get our messages across including:-
• Telephone
• Facebook
• Electronic meetings
• Webinars to replace group meetings

The key objective of ANP is to continue our service to customers in as seamless a way as possible to allow you to focus on other important priorities.

ANP thanks all our customers for their understanding and wish everyone the best outcome during the crisis.

ANP at your service - we are only a phone call away!

Best regards
Paul, Rob and the team at AusFarm