Bloat Liquid 250

Dry Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


Assists in the control and onset of symptoms of pasture bloat.

Target Animals

Sheep, Cattle

Product Description

A liquid feed supplement (LFS) that can be administered as an emergency drench, mixed in at feed troughs and water troughs in paddocks where pasture bloat is a risk. It contains an extremely effective anti-foaming agent that actively and rapidly breaks down rumen foam, allowing it to be naturally discharged from the rumen through belching.

Product Appearance

Appears in a clear semi-viscous liquid and has a strong bitter taste.

Feeding Instruction

Drinking Troughs: Cattle suffering from bloat, or at risk of bloat should consume 40mL of ANP’s Bloat Liquid 250 per day while grazing risky pasture. 40mL of Bloat Liquid 250 should be added to 15 L of trough water per animal. Animals should not have access to other water sources.

Drenching: Animals are to be drenched twice daily with 20mL of Bloat Liquid 250. In extreme cases, each dose may be increased to 40mL.

Feed Troughs: Bloat Liquid 250 may be mixed with Molasses (1:2) and included in feed in troughs at a rate of 100mL per animal twice daily during milking.

Product Code



Product is presented in 20L, 200L and 1,000L drums
Bloat Liquid 250 costs approximately 15 to 30 cents per head per day for treated animals.

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