StockGro – HiPro

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle


StockGro-HiPro is a high protein supplement to be fed with dry feed and roughages to elevate fibre digestibility and the efficient utilisation of farm-produced forages. StockGro-HiPro delivers a direct and effective source of minerals, vitamins and essential trace elements to the rumen and the animal.

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Product Description

  • Provides 3 forms of rumen degradable protein including urea (8.0%), equating to 27%
    crude protein.
  • Contains a blend of sulphur, calcium and other essential minerals and trace elements
    to stimulate efficient rumen function.
  • High levels of vitamins to promote optimum health and compensate for the low
    concentration of vitamins in roughages and stubble.
  • High level of vitamin E for improved immune response, meat quality and viability of
    calves and weaners.
  • Contains acidic salts to moderate blood pH and aid in mineral mobilization.
  • Added copper to combat against antagonists such as sulphur and molybdenum and to
    aid in the prevention of copper deficiency.

Product Appearance

StockGro – HiPro appears as a dark brown viscous liquid will a consistency similar to that of cream. Its taste to the human palate is salty and slightly sour but also sweet and treacly.

Feeding Instruction

Offer StockGro – HiPro in-feed or free access in polypropylene tubs.

Use one tub for 40 – 50 animals. ANP can supply tubs at reasonable cost.

It is advisable to place tubs of StockGro – HiPro in positions in the paddock that are well away from or diametrically opposite to the water source. Roughage in the paddock must be available and plentiful.

Note: Care must be taken if cattle are hungry and protein deficient. Over-consumption of product may be possible under these circumstances in which case introduce gradually.


Recommended Intakes for Bovine Livestock:
Animal Live         Wt Range (kg)     Target Daily Intake (ml)
Cows/Calves           450 – 700             400 – 600
Dry Cows                 400 – 500             350 – 450
Weaners                   160 – 230              100 – 250
Yearlings                 300 – 400              300 – 400
Steers/Heifers        400 – 500             300 – 500
Bullocks/Bulls        550 – 700              500 – 700

Product Code



Product is provided in 1,000L totes. 500L liquid feed tubs can be provided on a loan basis.
StockGro – HiPro costs, depending on recommended consumption rates and size of animal, between 10 and 50 cents/hd/day.  

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