StockGro Pasture Supplement

StockGro – Pasture Supplement

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle


StockGro – Pasture Supplement is a complete supplement designed to be used with growing, breeding and lactating cattle on fresh pasture to promote growth and production.

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Product Description

StockGro – Pasture Supplement is a palatable molasses-based Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS) designed to be fed free access to cattle at pasture. The product incorporates a dynamic balance of nutritional components designed to control consumption to within desired levels to optimise the intake of essential nutrients on a little and often basis.

StockGro – Pasture Supplement contains 12% crude protein together with a balance of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

StockGro – Pasture Supplement supplies Bovatec (lasalocid) for growth and feed efficiency promotion.

Major minerals include magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and salt.

StockGro – Pasture Supplement supplies high levels of vitamin E to promote meat quality and immune response together with a range of trace elements.

Acid Salts are also added to promote mobilisation of minerals within the body.

Product Appearance

StockGro – Pasture Supplement appears as a dark brown viscous liquid with a distinct sweet aroma of molasses.

Feeding Instruction

Offer StockGro – Pasture Supplement free access in polypropylene 500 – 600 litre tubs. Use one tub for 40 – 50 animals.

Typical Intakes for Cattle:

Lactating Cows                      200-400g/day

Growing Yearlings                150-300g/day

Weaners                                   75-150g/day



Only feed to intended livestock

Do not allow access to horses! 

Product Code



1000L or 200L
26 cents/hd/day

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