StockMins-BoviPro Plus

High Protein Dry Feed Supplement for Cattle


StockMins-BoviPro Plus is a high protein, weatherproof, granular loose lick supplement, designed to be fed to productive cattle on dry pasture, stubbles, hay or straw to elevate fibre digestibility and the efficient utilisation of farm-produced forages. Built with Bovatec.

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Product Description

StockMins-BoviPro Plus delivers a direct and effective source of protein, minerals, vitamins and trace elements and Bovatec (lasalocid) to the animal and is ideal to assist in providing maintenance of cattle on dry feed.

  • 30% crude protein, consisting of both rumen degradable protein, including urea (8%) and true protein.
  • Effective starch to stimulate greater rumen microbial activity, increase nitrogen utilisation and improve fibre digestion.
  • Bovatec (lasalocid) to assist with feed conversion efficiency, lactation and aid in the control coccidiosis.
  • Balanced levels of available calcium (10%), phosphorous (2%), magnesium (1%) and salt(18%) for optimum performance on dry feed and stubbles.
  • Essential trace elements (Co, Se, Cu, Mn, I & Zn) and vitamins A, D & E to help support immunity, wellbeing and fertility.
  • Sulphur at elevated levels to further stimulate rumen function and boost feed use efficiency.
  • Flavoured, oiled and granular to increase palatability, control dust, reduce product losses and limit segregation in mixed feeds.
  • Weatherproof to reduce water damage and leaching.

In drought conditions, StockMins-BoviPro Plus can generate low level weight gain in weaner cattle, boost milk production in lactating cows and support immunity, fertility and general animal health in breeding cattle grazing cereal straw.

Product Appearance

StockMins-BoviPro Plus is a granular, dust free, dark brown, friable powder. It has a sweet molasses smell and appears mealy in texture dispersed with larger particles of urea.

Feeding Instruction

Free Access Feeding: Offer StockMins-BoviPro Plus free access in 100 – 200L tubs limiting intake to 300g/head/day. Use one tub for 30 – 50 cows. Ensure feed tubs have adequate drainage points on the sides to allow rain water to run off the top of the product. After a period of introduction of around 1 week animals will tend to control their own intake to recommended levels.

Mixed Rations: Mix thoroughly in a complete mixed ration at a rate of 25kg of StockMins-BoviPro Plus per tonne of air dried feed.


  • StockMins-BoviPro Plus contains 8% urea. Introduce gradually by mixing 1/4 bag of lime per bag for around 4 days.
  • Do not feed to hungry livestock.
  • Feed only to livestock intended.
  • Do not allow horses access to supplement.
  • Excessive consumption of urea can cause toxicity.

Product Code



25kg Bags
25 to 50 cents/hd/day

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