StockMins-Brassica Boost

Dry Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


Specially formulated to promote liveweight gain and aid in the control of anti-nutritional factors associated with sheep grazing brassicas like canola and forage brassica

Target Animals

Sheep, Cattle, Goats

Product Description

  • Contains a source of highly fermentable energy to help ‘mop up’ nitrates/nitrites in the rumen.
  • Actifor Boost® is included to increase protein utilization that can assist in preventing nitrate poisoning.
  • An effective toxin binder has been included to help manage toxins present in some Brassica varieties as well as boosting immune and liver function.
  • Fortified with Teric PE62 (2.5%), and extremely effective surfactant (anti-foaming agent) that actively and rapidly breaks down stable foam caused by grazing Brassicas.
  • Contains Bovatec® at a level to promote growth, feed efficiency and milk production.
  • Added Thiamine (B1) to offset conditions such as Polioencephalomalacia or Cerebrocortical necrosis (PEM/CCN).
  • Increased levels of available iodine to help reduce the incidence of goitre.
  • Supplies increased levels of vitamin E and selenium to promote immune response.
  • High inclusion of vitamin A to counteract the antagonist effects of nitrates on vitamin A metabolism/absorption.
  • Contains high levels of available magnesium and phosphorous to help balance mineral composition, therefore helping increase production potential.
  • Includes high levels of trace elements and other key minerals, above RDI, to promote optimum health and production while grazing brassicas.
  • Molassed to improve palatability, control dust and limit segregation.
  • Weatherproof to reduce water damage and leaching.

Technical Note:

Forage Brassicas are becoming increasingly popular as a fodder crop due to their ability to produce large quantitates of high-quality biomass (12-14 ME and 16-26% CP). Livestock can perform well on Brassicas however, Brassicas contain several anti-nutrient factors that, if not addressed, can lead to decreased performance, health issues and even mortality. Nitrate poisoning can be a serious issue in Brassica crops, especially if the crop has been fertilized with high levels of nitrogen (urea, MAP, DAP, GranAm). Nitrates accumulate in the stems at higher levels than the leaves and it is important that animals are not encouraged to consume high quantities of stems. Nitrate poisoning occurs when excess nitrites are absorbed into the bloodstream via the rumen and bind to hemoglobin reducing its capacity to carry oxygen causing hypoxia (inadequate oxygen supply to the body).

StockMins-Brassica Boost assists in preventing nitrate poisoning in two specific ways; by supplying a source of highly fermentable energy, the rumen bugs can convert nitrate to

ammonia more effectively and increase microbial protein synthesis.

Secondly, specialist additives are added to improve protein utilisation in the animal by decreasing urease activity and the denitrification of amino acids in the rumen. The net effect of the two products allows the rumen bugs to better utilize nitrates as a source of non-protein-nitrogen. Vitamin A is also included in StockMins-Brassica Boost as high nitrates in the diet can interfere with the natural metabolism of vitamin A.

Brassica herbage contains high amounts of sulphur that can predispose animals to Polioencephalomalacia (PEM) also known as Cerebral Cortico Necrosis (CCN). The disease occurs due to increased thiaminase activity in the rumen or by inadequate levels of thiamine in the diet. StockMins-Brassica Boost contains added thiamine (B1) to aid in the prevention of PEM/CCN.

At the present moment, the mechanism of rape scald (photosensitization) in sheep grazing forage rape is not scientifically understood. However, it is hypothesized that toxins are responsible for the onset of the clinical disease similar to that of toxic weeds (Heliotrope, Caltrop and Hairy Panic). An effective toxin binder has been included in StockMins-Brassica Boost for its ability to bind and neutralize toxins before damage occurs to the liver or onset of clinical disease. Secondly, this specific toxin binder stimulates immune and liver function, further reducing the potential risk of disease and damage caused by various plant toxins.

Livestock grazing Brassicas have been known to develop goitre (the enlargement of the thyroid gland), due to the high levels of goitrogens present in Brassica herbage. Brassica Boost is fortified with additional iodine to increase available iodine in the diet to help reduce the incidence of goitrogenesis.

Bovatec® is added for its promotion of certain beneficial rumen bacteria and its therapeutic benefits on the control of coccidiosis in lambs. The combination of these two factors results in enhanced rumen metabolism and a healthier gastro-intestinal tract that leads to better growth, feed efficiency and higher milk production.

Product Appearance

A mid to dark brown, dust free, granular supplement with a dispersion of white flecks throughout. It is coated with molasses and oil and has a distinctive curry like smell.

Feeding Instruction

Offer free access, in tubs that allow water drainage. Limit intake to around 20g/head/day for sheep and 100g for cattle once animals are fully adapted. Use one tub for 50-60 head of sheep.


  • Feed only to intended livestock
  • DO NOT allow access to horses
  • This is a specialty product. DO NOT feed to hungry or dehydrated livestock. Excessive consumption can be fatal.

Product Code



Product is presented in 25kg bags
StockMins-Brassica Boost costs 6 – 8 cents per head per day for sheep and 30 – 40 cents per head per day for cattle, at recommended intake levels.

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