StockMins – Crop Grazer Plus

Granular Mineral Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


StockMins-Crop Grazer Plus is an economic and convenient complete supplement, designed to elevate performance of sheep or cattle on grazing cereals or lush green pasture by improving feed conversion efficiency, immune function, and energy metabolism.

Target Animals


Product Description

  • Contains high levels of magnesium from 4 sources to offset the antagonistic effects of high levels of potassium and crude protein commonly encountered in grazing cereals and green feed.
  • Different magnesium sources have varying solubilities and release rates thereby giving a broader cover of magnesium uptake to enhance energy metabolism and aid in the prevention of grass tetany.
  • Contains high levels of salt (sodium), calcium and phosphorus to balance the low levels of these minerals commonly experienced in grazing cereals.
  • Fortified with Bovatec® to further increase feed conversion efficiency and help control coccidiosis in young livestock.
  • Contains optimum levels of essential minerals and trace elements necessary for optimum growth and performance on crop or at pasture.
  • Molassed, oiled and granular to control dust and product losses, limit segregation in mixed feeds and reduce separation.
  • Weather resistant to reduce rain damage and leaching”

Product Appearance

A light coffee coloured semi-granular loose-lick. Coated with molasses and oil with a sweet molasses aroma.

Feeding Instruction

Free Access Feeding:
Offer StockMins-Crop Grazer Plus free access in tubs limiting intake to 20-30g/head/day for sheep and 100-150g/head/day for cattle. Use one tub for 50-60 sheep or 20-30 cattle.
Mixed Rations:- Mix 50kg per tonne of air dried feed ingredients in a TMR.
Caution: * Feed only to livestock intended.
* Ensure stock have adequate access to feed and water to avoid excessive consumption.

Product Code



Product is presented in 25kg bags.
StockMins-HiMag daily cost per head is around 4.7 cents for sheep and 17 to 26 cents for cattle at recommended intake levels.

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