StockMins – CLS

Dry Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


An economic and convenient take on the traditional Causmag, Lime and Salt mix. It is a high magnesium, high calcium, weatherproof and dust-controlled supplement designed to be fed to sheep or cattle when magnesium deficiency is expected or detected. It is not as effective as StockMins–HiMag but is a low-cost alternative.

Target Animals

Sheep, Cattle, Goats

Product Description

  • Molassed, oiled and granular to control dust, reduce product losses, limit and segregation in mixed feeds.
  • Weatherproof to reduce rain damage and leaching
  • Contains high levels of salt, calcium to assist in magnesium absorption.
  • Contains minimum 15% magnesium primarily in the form of magnesium oxide and magnesium carbonate to assist the animals’ high demands of late pregnancy and lactation.
  • Buffers are present to help control extremes of rumen pH at fresh pasture
  • Contains bentonite to stabilise rumen conditions

Product Appearance

A light coffee coloured semi granular, dry feed supplement. It is coated with molasses and oil and has a sweet molasses aroma.

Feeding Instruction

Mixed Rations:- Mix 25-50kg per tonne of air dried feed ingredients in a TMR.

Free Access Feeding:- Offer free access in tubs allowing intake to 20-30g/head/day for sheep and 100-150g/head/day for cattle. Use one tub for 50-60 sheep or 20-30 cows.

Product Code



Presented in 25kg bags
StockMins-Lamb Finisher costs 3.7 cents per head per day for sheep and 14 cents per head per day at recommended intake levels.

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