StockMins-EweLamLac HE

StockMins – EweLamLac HE

Granular Lambing Supplement for Sheep


StockMins – EweLamLac HE a weatherproof, granular, loose-lick supplement designed to support pregnant and lactating ewes at a time when essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements are in high demand. “HE” represents high energy in the form of corn which has been shown to boost lactation.

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Product Description

StockMins-EweLamLac HE is a weatherproof, granular loose lick supplement designed to support pregnant and lactating ewes when essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements are in high demand.

StockMins-EweLamLac HE contains:

  • High levels of available magnesium (5.2%) from four sources to match the sites of absorption and to meet the animal’s higher demand during pregnancy and lactation.
  • High levels of calcium (13%) and phosphorus (3.5%) for foetal development and lactation.
  • Elevated levels of vitamins (A, D3 and E), minerals and essential trace elements necessary for optimum growth and performance at pasture in times of high nutritional demand.
  • Vitamin E for ewe health, immune-response and lamb viability.
  • Cracked corn as a glucose precursor to boost energy and lactation.
  • A high level of sulphur (1.2%) to aid in the reduction of wool break and stimulate fleece growth.
  • Acidic salts to help moderate blood pH and aid in mineral mobilization.
  • Molasses to improve palatability, control dust and product losses and limit segregation.
  • Weather resistant to reduce water damage and leaching.

Technical Note:

Magnesium requirements of ewes increase pre- and post-partum and magnesium deficiency can be prevalent around this time, especially during cold wet periods as climatic stresses set in. There is also a further elevated demand for magnesium in animals grazing cereal crops due to high levels of potassium which competitively bind to the same absorption sites, thereby decreasing magnesium utilization.

For every case of clinical grass staggers (magnesium deficiency) there are far more subclinical cases in the mob.  Magnesium is primarily absorbed anterior to the small intestine (rumen and omasum) and it is therefore important that magnesium supplements address this. StockMins-EweLamLac HE does just this. No fewer than 4 sources of magnesium are used to supply magnesium to the various sites of absorption.

One of these sources is in the form of an ‘acid salt’. This helps to increase magnesium availability by limited but significant mobilisation from skeletal reserves.

Calcium and phosphorus are also crucial minerals during lambing time. StockMins-EweLamLac HE provides elevated available levels of these essential minerals.

Vitamin E, at levels that are considerably higher than RDI, has been shown to improve immune response, increase ewe vigour (less morbidity) and increase lamb survival and viability. StockMins-EweLamLac HE supplies high levels of vitamin E and responses are quite noticeable.

StockMins-EweLamLac HE also supplies high levels of essential trace elements to meet demand for later stages of foetal development and lactation. Lambs also significantly benefit from trace element supplementation.

Cracked corn is a significant component in StockMins-EweLamLac HE. Unlike other grains, the starch content in corn is slowly fermentable (rumen resistant starch), thereby allowing significant amounts of starch to enter the small intestine. Corn digested and absorbed across the small intestine as glucose is two times more efficient than producing glucose in the liver via the conversion of volatile fatty acids from rumen fermentation. Glucose is the sole fuel source used by the ruminant brain and is also needed for foetal development and lactation. Failure to meet glucose demand is the root cause of twin lamb disease.

Sulphur, like carbon and nitrogen, is an essential nutrient required by rumen microbes for the synthesis of the sulphur containing amino acids (methionine and cystine/cysteine). Inadequate supply of sulphur to the rumen can cause these sulphur-dependent amino acids to become limiting, thereby impacting protein building, digestion and utilization of feed. Keratin, the main protein found in wool, has a particularly high level of sulphur meaning that rapid fleece growth may require additional supplementation. Sulphur deficiency in sheep can result in wool break especially in combination with stress (weather, malnutrition or lambing). During late gestation and early lactation important minerals are diverted away from the ewe and portioned towards the developing foetus and lactation. Sulphur is no different. Supplementing sulphur pre- and post-partum can aid a reduction in ‘tenderness’ and wool break, stimulate follicle growth and ensure efficient building of microbial protein in the rumen.

Product Appearance

StockMins – EweLamLac HE appears as a granular, palatable and dust-free powder with visible fleck of cracked maize corn. It is molasses coated and weather resistant.

Feeding Instruction

Mixed Rations:

Mix 25- 40kg of StockMins – EweLamLac HE per tonne of feed.

Free Access Feeding:

Offer free access in tubs limiting intake to around 30g/head/day once animals are fully adapted. Animals will control their own intake.

Use one tub for 50 – 60 sheep, replenishing supplement as necessary. It may be included in a mixed ration if desired.

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Product is presented in 25kg bags.
StockMins – Ewe LamLac HE costs 5.5 – 6.5 cents per head per day at recommended intake levels.

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