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StockMins – EweLamLac HE

Granular Lambing Supplement for Sheep


StockMins – EweLamLac HE is a complete premix designed to be fed pre-lambing and post-lambing at times of nutritional needs for major minerals, essential trace elements and vitamins with an energy supplement. Cracked corn has been added to provide a valuable glucose precursor. By increasing energy supply it can help to control twin lamb disease. It can be fed free access or included in mixed rations.

Target Animals


Product Description

  • Contains high levels of available magnesium (5.2%) from four sources to match the sites of absorption and to meet the animal’s higher demand during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Supplies high levels of calcium (13%) and phosphorus (3.5%) for foetal development and lactation.
  • Contains elevated levels of vitamins (A, D3 and E), minerals and essential trace elements necessary for optimum growth and performance at pasture in times of high nutritional demand.
  • Contains levels of vitamin E well above RDI for ewe health, immune-response and lamb viability.
  • Supplies 3-5gms of cracked corn to boost energy as a glucose precursor.
  • Contains a high level of sulphur (1.2%) to aid in the reduction of wool break and stimulate fleece growth.
  • Contains acidic salts to help moderate blood pH and aid in mineral mobilization.
  • Molassed and granular to improve palatability, control dust and product losses and limit segregation.
  • Weather resistant to reduce water damage and leaching.

*Can be supplied with the addition of Bovatec® for increased growth, feed efficiency, higher milk production and the control of Coccidiosis in lambs.”

Product Appearance

StockMins – EweLamLac HE appears as a granular, palatable and dust-free powder with visible fleck of cracked maize corn. It is molasses coated and weather resistant.

Feeding Instruction

Mixed Rations:

Mix 25- 40kg of StockMins – EweLamLac HE per tonne of feed.

Free Access Feeding:

Offer free access in tubs limiting intake to around 30g/head/day once animals are fully adapted. Animals will control their own intake.

Use one tub for 50 – 60 sheep, replenishing supplement as necessary. It may be included in a mixed ration if desired.

Product Code



Product is presented in 25kg bags.
StockMins – Ewe LamLac HE costs 4.7 – 5.5 cents per head per day at recommended intake levels.

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