StockMins – HiPro

Granular Mineral Supplement for Sheep and Cattle


StockMins-HiPro is a high protein (27% CP) supplement designed to be fed with dry feed and roughages to elevate the fibre digestibility, available energy and utilisation of farm-produced forages. It offers elevated levels of the major minerals, essential trace elements and vitamins A, D and E.

Target Animals

Sheep, Cattle, Goats

Product Description

  • Provides 3 forms of rumen degradable protein including urea at (9.0%), equating to 27% crude protein.
  • Comprises of balanced levels of available calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and salt for optimum performance on dry feed and stubbles.
  • Contains a proprietary blend of key minerals and trace elements (including A, D & E), unique to ANP, to help promote optimum health and wellbeing.
  • Includes sulphur to aid in the rumen’s ability to digest feed and support wool quality.
  • Molassed, oiled and granular to increase palatability, control dust, reduce product losses and limit segregation in mixed feeds.
  • Weather resistant to reduce water damage and leaching”

Product Appearance

StockMins – HiPro is a granular, dust-free, light brown, friable powder. To the nose, it has a sweet molasses smell and appears sandy in texture dispersed with larger particles of urea.

Feeding Instruction

Mixed Rations:

Mix thoroughly together with other ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 25kg of StockMins – HiPro  per tonne of air dried feed.

Free Access Feeding:

Offer StockMins – HiProfree access in 50 -100l tubs limiting intake to around 20g/head/day for sheep and 100g/head/day for cattle once animals are fully adapted.

Use one tub for 50 – 60 sheep or 20 – 30 cows.

StockMins – HiPro contains 8.5% urea.

Introduce gradually by mixing 50/50 with StockMins GP or lime for around 7days.

Caution:  –  Do not allow access to horses!

Product Code



Product is presented in 25kg bags
Around 5 cent per head per day for sheep and 20 cents per head per day for cattle.

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