StockGro - Bloat Control 50

Liquid Feed Supplement for Cattle
Product Code: 
GBb 04/4


To assist in the control and onset of symptoms of pasture bloat by direct feeding at pasture.

Product Appearance:

StockGro - Bloat Control 50 plus Bovatec® appears as a mid- to dark brown semi-viscous liquid with a consistency similar to single cream and has a particularly bitter taste to the human palate.

Target Animals:

Feed StockGro – Bloat Control 50 plus Bovatec® to cattle of all ages that have, or are predisposed to mild conditions of frothy bloat caused by legumes and short lush spring pasture. The product works rapidly once consumed. For acute and severe bloat conditions StockGro – Bloat Control 100 is recommended.

Product Description:

StockGro - Bloat Control 50 plus Bovatec® is a Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS) designed to be fed directly free access to cattle when pasture bloat is a risk. Bovatec®.

Bovatec®, as well as improving growth rate and feed efficiency, offers assistance in control of bloat symptoms by manipulating rumen microbes.

StockGro - Bloat Control 50 also contains magnesium, calcium and other minerals and trace elements that are considered to be of benefit under bloat-predisposing conditions.

Feeding Instructions:

Offer StockGro – Bloat Control 50 directly to cattle in polypropylene tubs in the paddock as a free access supplement. Use one 600l tub per 40 – 50 animals.

The active constituent of StockGro – Bloat Control is quite unpalatable to cattle but experience suggests that cattle consume it if they need it.

It is advisable to place the tubs of StockGro – Bloat Control 50 either close to or far away from water depending on intake. Start off close to water or near a walk track and monitor intake.  

StockGro – Bloat Control 50 may also be mixed in to a TMR.


Typical Intakes for Cattle:-

      Animal             Live Wt Range (kg)  Target DailyIntake(g)

    Beef Cows                          450 – 800                                75 – 150

    Dairy Cows                         550 – 800                                75 - 150

    Heifers                                350 – 500                                50 – 120

    Growers                              250 – 350                                50 - 100


Caution: Do not allow access to horses