StockGro - HiPro

Product Code: 

Purpose: To feed as a supplement with dry feed and roughages to elevate the fibre digestibility and efficiency of utilisation of farm-produced forages. To supply minerals, vitamins and essential trace elements to the rumen and the animal.

Product Appearance:

StockGro – HiPro appears as a dark brown viscous liquid will a consistency similar to that of cream. Its taste to the human palate is salty and slightly sour but also sweet and treacly.

Target Animals:

Feed StockGro – HiPro to performing cattle such as lactating cows, dry cows, growing weaners and steers and bulls on high roughage and dry pasture diets when a protein supplement is needed.

Product Description:

StockGro – HiPro is a palatable molasses-based Liquid Feed Supplement (LFS). The product incorporates a dynamic balance of nutritional components designed to control consumption to within desired levels and to favour an efficient little and often intake regimen necessary to optimise rumen microbial fermentation.

StockGro - HiPro contains 27% crude protein together with a balance of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, cobalt, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine and vitamins A, D3 &E.

Expected Performance:

Trials have shown that StockGro – HiPro can achieve up to 0.5kg LWG/day in steers on stubble, 0.6kg LWG per day in dry cows on stubble and will support maintenance and calf growth in lactating cows on moderate quality hay or silage and stubble.


StockGro – HiPro costs, depending on recommended consumption rates and size f animal, between 10 and 50cents per head per day.

Feeding Instructions:

Offer StockGro - HiPro in-feed or free access in polypropylene tubs.

Use one tub for 40 – 50 animals. ANP can supply tubs at reasonable cost.

It is advisable to place tubs of StockGro - HiPro in positions in the paddock that are well away from or diametrically opposite to the water source. Roughage in the paddock must be available and plentiful.

Note: Care must be taken if cattle are hungry and protein deficient. Over-consumption of product may be possible under these circumstances in which case introduce gradually.