StockGro - Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec

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 To feed as a supplement with dry feed and roughages in a complete mixed diet for sheep in feedlots and small paddocks

Product appearance:

StockGro – Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® is a dark brown viscous liquid. It is salty and slightly sour to the human palate with clear molasses smell and taste characteristics

Target Animals: 

Mix StockGro - Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® in diets for growing lambs in feedlots where high performance is key to profitability.

Product Description: 

StockGro - Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® is a palatable molasses-based liquid feed supplement designed to be used in TMR’s for feedlot lambs and sheep.

StockGro – Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® contains 32% crude protein from 3 sources thereby contributing 1.3% added protein equivalents to the diet when included at 40kg/tonne of feed.

StockGro – Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® contains a balance of essential minerals and trace elements together with vitamins A, B1, D3& E to allow optimum feedlot performance and health. Bovatec®, as a non-hormonal growth promoter is included at the recommended level to increase feed conversion efficiency and growth rate and control coccidiosis bringing added value and higher economic returns (as per manufacturer’s advice).

Vitamin E is present at a level that will have a positive effect on meat quality and general animal health and thiamine is added to help prevent incidences of CCN.

StockGro – Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® also contains acid salts, including ammonium sulphate to assist in the prevention of urinary calculi in wethers.


StockGro - Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® costs approximately $30.00 per tonne of mixed feed

Mixing Instructions:

Mix the equivalent of 40kg of StockGro – Lamb Feedlot 40 + Bovatec® liquid feedlot supplement thoroughly in 1 tonne of complete mixed feed on an air-dried basis.


1000 litre exchangeable totes or in bulk from your local distributor

Caution: Do not allow access to horses!