StockGro - StopStress

Product Code: 
GT 10


StockGro – StopStress is a highly economic top dress supplement for pre- and post- trauma and transport hydration. Pour onto dry feed or feed free access for 3 days pre- and post transport to reduce stress and elevate water intake and body hydration.

Product Appearance:

StockGro – StopStress appears as a dark brown viscous liquid will a consistency similar to that of cream. Its taste, to the human palate, is salty and slightly sour and bitter but also sweet and treacly with distinct molasses flavours.

Target Animals:

Offer StockGro – StopStress to cattle for 4 days prior to slaughter or movement by truck. Offer StockGro – StopStress to cattle for movements on-farm during sensitive periods eg grass tetany. Offer StockGro – StopStress to cattle after movement for up to 3 days to reduce the impact of transport stress. 

Product Appearance:

StockGro – StopStress is a palatable molasses-based LFS designed to be fed free access to cattle at pasture or poured onto feed for yard fed cattle in troughs. The product incorporates a dynamic balance of nutritional components designed to reduce stress and elevate water intake and retention within the body. It also offers a highly available source of energy to the animal during time ‘off feed’.

StockGro – StopStress contains a blend of salts that directly affect the stress potential and hydration ability of the body. Vitamin E is also added for its effect on meat quality. Human food grade molasses provides the main source of energy and a vehicle to carry nutrients into the animal.

StockGro – StopStress incorporates a glucose precursor that supplies highly available energy to animals in negative energy balance.


StockGro – StopStress costs from $5 - $7 per treatment. The returns can far greater. Trials have shown more than a 5:1 return on investment.

Feeding Instructions:

Offer StockGro - StopStress free access in polypropylene 600 litre tubs or 3kg per head per day in paddocks or poured onto feed in yards. The duration of supplementation should be 3-4 days before mustering and during yarding until transport. Supply-post transport is also advantageous for post-trauma rehydration.

When feeding free access, use one tub for 40 – 50 animals.

Note: fresh water and normal diet must be available at all times.