StockMins-Brassica Boost

Granular feed supplement for sheep and cattle
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StockMins-Brassica Boost has been specially formulated to promote performance in sheep by supplying balanced levels of essential minerals, trace elements as well as other components to promote growth and help reduce the impact of common anti-nutrient factors found in Brassicas.

Product Appearance:
StockMins-Brassica Boost is a mid to dark brown, dust free, granular supplement with a dispersion of white flecks throughout. It is coated with molasses and oil with an organically aromatic yet sweet molasses smell.

Product Features:
• Contains a source of highly fermentable energy to help ‘mop up’ nitrates/nitrites in the rumen.
• Actifor Boost® is included to increase protein utilization that can assist in preventing nitrate poisoning.
• Mastersorb® has been added as an effective toxin binder to help manage toxins present in some Brassica varieties as well as boosting immune and liver function.
• Fortified with Teric PE62 (2.5%), and extremely effective surfactant (anti-foaming agent) that actively and rapidly breaks down stable foam caused by grazing Brassicas.
• Contains Bovatec® at a level to promote growth, feed efficiency and milk production.
• Added Thiamine (B1) to offset conditions such as Polioencephalomalacia or Cerebrocortical necrosis (PEM/CCN).
• Increased levels of available iodine to help reduce the incidence of goitre.
• Supplies increased levels of vitamin E and selenium to promote immune response.
• High inclusion of vitamin A to counteract the antagonist effects of nitrates on vitamin A metabolism/absorption.
• Contains high levels of available magnesium and phosphorous to help balance mineral composition, therefore helping increase production potential.
• Includes high levels of trace elements and other key minerals, above RDI, to promote optimum health and production while grazing brassicas.
• Molassed to improve palatability, control dust and limit segregation.
• Weather resistant to reduce water damage and leaching.

StockMins-Brassica Boost costs 5-7 cents per head per day at the recommended intake levels.

Feeding Instructions:
Offer StockMins-Brassica Boost, free access, in tubs that allow water drainage. Limit intake to around 20g/head/day for sheep and 100g/head/day for cattle once animals are fully adapted. Use one tub for 50-60 sheep and 20-30 cattle.

* Feed only to intended livestock.
* Do not allow access to horses.
* Do not feed to hungry or dehydrated livestock.
* Excessive consumption can be fatal.