StockMins - EweLamLac HE

Dry supplement for sheep
Product Code: 
ME 22

StockMins – EweLamLac HE is a complete premix designed to be fed pre-lambing and post-lambing at times of nutritional needs for major minerals, essential trace elements and vitamins with an energy supplement. Cracked corn has been added to provide a valuable glucose precursor. By increasing energy supply it can help to control twin lamb disease. It can be fed free access or included in mixed rations.
Product Appearance:

StockMins – EweLamLac HE appears as a granular, palatable and dust-free powder with visible fleck of cracked maize corn. It is molasses coated and weather resistant.

Target Animals:
Feed free-access (25 - 35grams per head per day) to ewes from 6 weeks to a month prior to lambing and continue feeding to ewes and lambs for at least 6 weeks post lambing. It can also be used as a boost to ovulation and ram fertility prior to joining.
It may be included in a mixed ration if desired.

Product Description:
StockMins – EweLamLac HE is:-
- Molassed and granular to improve palatability, control dust and product losses and limit segregation.
- Weather resistant to reduce water damage and leaching
- Contains elevated levels of vitamins (A, D3 E), minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Na) and essential trace elements necessary for optimum growth and performance at
pasture in times of high nutritional demand.
- Contains high levels of magnesium from 4 sources to match the sites of absorption and meet the animal’s higher demand.
- Contains a high level of Vitamin E for ewe health, immune-response and lamb viability.
- Supplies high levels of Calcium and Phosphorus for foetal development and lactation
- Supplies 3-5gms of cracked corn to boost energy as glucose precursor.
- Bovatec® for increased growth and milk production is optional.

Cost: StockMins – EweLamLac HE costs ~ 4.5c/hd/day at recommended intakes.

Feeding Instructions:
Mixed Rations:- Mix 25- 40kg of StockMins - EweLamLac HE per tonne of feed.
Free Access Feeding:- Offer free access in tubs limiting intake to around 30g/head/day once animals are fully adapted. Animals will control their own intake. .
Use one tub for 50 – 60 sheep, replenishing supplement as necessary.