StockMins - Lamb Finisher

Dry supplement for grazing fattening lambs
Product Code: 
MLf 10


StockMins – Lamb Finisher is a complete supplement designed to be used with rapidly growing lambs on fresh pasture.  

Product Appearance:

StockMins – Lamb Finisher appears as a granular, dry, dust free premix. It is light brown in colour with a distinct sweet aroma of molasses.

Product Description:

StockMins – Lamb Finisher Key Features:

  • Molassed to control dust and product losses, limit segregation and increase palatability.
  • Weather resistant to reduce rain damage and leaching
  • Contains optimum balanced levels of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for rapid growth on high quality pasture.
  • Supplies Vitamin E (600mg/kg) to influence meat quality and immune response.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1 is added to aid in the prevention of CCN and other B1deficiency symptoms.
  • Contains anti-acid (buffer) compounds to reduce acidosis and general improve gut health.
  • Contains acid salts to moderate blood pH and reduce any incidence of urinary calculi.
  • Contains Bovatec® for growth promotion, feed conversion efficiency and control of coccidiosis.


Around 2.5cent per head per day

Feeding Instructions:

Offer free access in troughs. Animal should not be hungry at the time of offering.

Lambs will limit their own intake to around 20 – 30g/hd/day once they have adapted to the supplement.  StockMins – Lamb Finisher may be mixed thoroughly together with other feed ingredients to make a complete mixed ration at a rate of 25kg of Lamb Finisher supplement per 1 tonne of feed, or

When feeding free access use one tub for 50 – 60 lambs.

Caution:  -  Do not allow access to horses!

  • Introduce gradually over a 3 - 5 day period.
  • Only feed to livestock intended.