Quality Control and Assurance – Core to AusFarm Nutrition’s Operations

With ever increasing scrutiny on what is in the food that we eat and what is fed to livestock, it is more important than ever for producers to have confidence that what they are feeding their animals is safe, reliable and of high quality. Experience in the stock feed industry has shown us that successful companies focus on quality control and assurance (QC & A). This quality also manifests itself in the quality of livestock and the image of our farmer customers. ANP’s QC & A spans well beyond our comprehensive manufacturing procedures to selective raw material sourcing, using the right equipment, preventative maintenance, packaging, labelling and delivery.

ANP has worked tirelessly to formalise these efforts by attaining (2016) and maintaining the standards demanded by the Feedsafe®accreditation. FeedSafe® is a state and federal government endorsed code of practice that defines the minimum standards for the manufacture and sale of feeds and supplementary products in the livestock industry. Simply put; the FeedSafe® accreditation helps us ensure that the feed supplements that you feed are safe, reliable and of good quality as your product enters the human food chain.