Quieter, Calmer Weaning for Better Performance

The fantastic condition of cows and the abundance of quality feed available this Spring has given many producers the flexibility to manage their weaning perfectly to optimise the performance of their herd. Producers looking to strip weight off their cows in time for joining may be looking to hold off weaning and “milk off their backs”, while those looking to maximise weaner growth may see more value in weaning earlier. Generally, if calves can gain more from grazing quality pasture alone than they can from the cow they should be weaned.

Minimise weight loss during weaning

Irrespective of when you decide to wean, minimising weight loss in calves during the weaning process is of the utmost importance, as this period can determine the body composition and productive capacity of weaners throughout their lives.

Stress can lead to weight loss

Social separation from cows and the introduction to a new environment and diet during the weaning process can be quite stressful for calves. Stress can commonly lead to a reduced appetite, lower immunity and in some cases injury, all variables that can lead to significant weight loss.1


StockGro-EziWean is a liquid feed supplement designed to be fed to cows and calves directly before and during weaning to minimise stress, support rumen development, encourage feed and water consumption and ensure a seamless transition onto a new diet. Anecdotal evidence from producers using StockGro-EziWean over the last few seasons revealed that weaners were calm and quiet after 48 hours of weaning, and in some instances weaners even increased weight during the weaning period.

For further information regarding the best use of StockGro-EziWean in your cattle operation, please contact one of the team.

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